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place日本〒903-0815 Okinawa-ken, Naha-shi, 首里金城町Shurikinjōchō, 1 Chome−3
phone+81 98-885-2861



왕족들의 무덤. 옛 오키나와 사람들은 독특하게 풍장을 했고 이곳도 풍장 및 납골이 이루어진 곳임. 볼거리는 사진상 보이는 건축물과 아주 조그마한 박물관이 전부이지만 슈리성과는 달리 이곳은 재건한 건축물이 아니라 진퉁(?)임. 때문에 보는 맛이 있음. 매표소 건물 지하에 있는 작은 박물관도 방문해보길 권함.

Sjoerd Keizer

Worth a quick visit. Not much to see but if you love peace and quiet without many tourists while seeing a part of Okinawan history, just go. Entry fee is a bit steep at 300 YEN.


大好物の首里城には何回も訪れていたが、不本意ながら玉陵(たまうどぅん)は初めてだった。ゴメンね、玉陵。で、いいですねぇ~♪ 必要以上にいい感じです。ここを訪れたがゆえに浦添よいどれもとい、浦添おんどれいやいや、浦添ようどれの存在も知ったので近いうちに訪れよう。コロッと話は変わるが、玉陵を日常生活の中で絶えず感じるべく、今では「讃岐うどぅん」「伊勢うどぅん」とフツーに呼んでいる僕がいる。

Gavin Pirie

The mausoleum for the former royal family of Okinawa. A quiet place that you can walk around fairly quickly, but worth it if you enjoy history. Very close to Shurijo castle (across the road)

Miko Olsen

Interesting to see burial customs of Japanese royalty. Would have been nice to have more translated into English. Lovely grounds in the middle of bustling urban area.

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