Wayfarers Chapel

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place5755 Palos Verdes Dr S, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275美國
phone+1 310-377-1650


Rob B

Gorgeous. Wedding mill. But that's OK. FLW's son Lloyd Wright's best building, hands down. It's normally open for visitors. It truly is a beautiful chapel space, and the geometry of the chapel design extends out into the gardens and patios. See it, architecture buffs! Free!

David Zimmer

If you're in the area, check this place out. We stopped in on our way to a shipwreck on Long Beach and I'm glad we went to see this chapel. I wouldn't recommend coming out just to see this though. Yeah it's cool but you go, you look for five min, hit the restroom, and leave. Still beautiful and well taken care of but it's a five minute ordeal. Pics of this place by @drsquib and more @hazel_lining

Jihi Johnson

I went to my friends wedding today. It was gorgeous! First when I got there around 11am, it was kind of cloudy which is perfect condition to shoot nice photos I heard :) We were waiting and saw the bride in the bride waiting room. She was so beautiful. Also there were seating area that has ocean view outside near chapel. Chapel was surrounded by many pine trees and the glass Chapel looked so beautiful. It is a perfect place to do wedding. I saw the inscription of Lord's prayer in the stone wall inside. This is first time I have visited here and photos attached is low quality camera so it doesn't justify actually beauty of this place.

Matt W

I was baptized here, been to several weddings and am looking forward to getting married there myself. Such a beautiful location


생각보다 작지만 이뻐요 !! 이쁘고 이쁘고 이뻐요 ㅌㅌㅋ 교회는 실제보다 사진으로 남겼을때가 더 이쁘고 ㅡ 주변자연은 사진보다 눈으로 남기는게 다 이쁘네요 ㅎㅎㅎ

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