Camp Kinser

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place日本〒901-2127 Okinawa-ken, Urasoe-shi, Yafuso, 屋富祖


Earl North

I was there when it was known as Machminto service Area .in 1962 to 1969. Love it there but visited about 8 years ago and the Island has changed like one city now. I like the old Okinawa much better.

Josh Wahl

Was offered two tower apartments to choose from for my family to live during my tour on the island. Both had black mold on the ceiling tiles, AC units and ceiling fan. Brown rusty water coming out of the facets. Health issues are my biggest worry.

Stephan Jennings

Stationed there in '82-'83; the best 18 months of my career in the Army! Wish I had taken more pictures! Miss all the friends I made!!

Brian Harley

I was stationed here years ago and I loved it. I wish I had stayed honestly. One of the best places I've ever been to and going to Hoka Hoka Tay (I know I misspelled it) was a ritual almost every week. That and heading out to Naha or hearing street racers from my barracks. I don't know if non-military besides family and civilian employees can visit the base, but if so then I would love to come back to see the first base I was ever stationed at again. I'm sure a lot has changed over the years, but I remember this place as well as the area in general with a lot of good memories. Semper Fi.

Denise Denise

I was stationed on Kinser from 1997-1998. Great base to spend my last year on. Okinawa is a paradise. Wanted to settle there for good. Will go back someday.
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