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place1 Chome-6 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0083 ญี่ปุ่น
phone+81 6-6267-9986


กฤษญานนท์ คําวิชัย


Dolapat Luangwilai



주말 밤은 진짜 무섭습니다... 여자 혼자 가지마세요... 저는 혼자였는데 진짜 무서워죽는줄알았어요..... 길에 진짜 다 나와서 도로에 사람이 꽉차있어요 다같이 담배피면서 막 시끄럽게 떠들고 무서운사람들 진짜 많아요ㅠㅠㅠ 남자들이 말 엄청걸고 낮에도 막 따라오면서 휘파람불고 말걸어요.. 밤에 편의점 가려고 걸어가는데 두명이 끝까지 따라와서 싫다고 했는데도 계속 말걸고 호텔까지 따라왔어요 .. 진짜 ㅠ 딱 보면 노는애들끼리 몰려있습니다 도톤보리랑은 분위기가 완전 다릅니다! 도톤보리는 삐끼들이 있는거고 여기는 진짜 노는애들이 많아요 .. 꾸미는거부터가 달라요ㅠㅠ딱 보면 완전 다름 무서운애들 많아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 길에서 소리지르고 욕하고 막 낄낄거리고 못알아듣는거아니까 욕하는애들도 있어요 물론 다 그런건 아니지만 이런사람들도 있었다고 말씀드리는거에요!!! 여자분들은 조심하세요 ㅠㅠ 평일 밤에는 괜찮습니다 !!평일밤은 사람 거의없어요

Aaron H

Pretty cool place with many shops settle branded shoes and apparels (adidas, Nike etc.). You can also find Osaka-exclusive items too! For all you know, you might actually uncover hidden treasures. But some of the stores have a weird smell emanating from them and people don’t tend to stay inside for long. Many food stores along the way too!


Perfect if you are young and like shopping! There are many shops - also second hand - where you can buy unique clothing. Even though I hate shopping, it was fun roaming through the shops and finding interesting stuff. It had the feeling that most places were a bit pricey, but so is everything in Japan. Maybe it was just bad luck, that we only found the more expensive stuff. We were a bit disappointed as there wasn't really much else to do, but maybe that was just our expectations being too high.
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