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place日本〒905-0205 Okinawa-ken, Kunigami-gun, Motobu-chō, Yamakawa, 本部町山川554
phone+81 980-48-4113


Mandi Hull

Wonderful guest house and restaurant! The hosts are both incredibly friendly and speak wonderful English, the room was beautiful and spotless, and the food was so good (the owner went to culinary school and used to have a restaurant in London). In a quiet residential area in the north end of Okinawa. Both owners are so helpful with explaining the area and making recommendations...I highly recommend!

h aya

夕食がおいしすぎます!! ホテルや居酒屋に行くより、ここで食べた方がいいです。 コース料理も最高ですし、伊江島牛のハンバーグもおいしかったー! 北部で飲むオリオンビールはやっぱり味が違います! 泡盛もいいですが、オリオンビールをおススメします!

hoge hoge

旦那さんがシェフなのですが 沖縄の食材を使った懐石(日本料理)が堪能できます 沖縄料理に飽きてくる3泊目位に利用すると 沖縄の美味しい食材を本土の味付けで堪能 できること間違いないです 宿泊者以外でも 電話確認でレストラン利用できるとのことです 部屋の壁は薄いので 宿泊時は2部屋のしかないので 友人と貸し切りにするか お部屋では静かに過ごすようにすると良いと思います 泡盛300円~ありますので 飲み過ぎてもお財布にもやさしいです(笑)


중년의 부부가 운영하는 정갈하고 깔끔한 민박집, 오직 2개의 방뿐이라 많은 사람들로 인해 북적거리지 않고 조용한 숙소입니다. 아침밥도 너무나도 맛있었으며 친절한 주인장들의 환대로 2박의 스테이가 너무나도 즐거웠습니다. 구글 지도의 위치는 아니고 좀더 북쪽으로 올라가야 입구를 찾을 수 있습니다.

Shi Wei

The location is in the suburbs and about 2 hours bus ride from Naha Airport. My friend and I stayed in the Japanese room which is spacious for two people. We enjoyed the quiet and peaceful surroundings and found the stay relaxing. Due to the location, there are not many nearby attractions that you can walk to. People who drive will be able to visit more places. The owner spoke Japanese and basic English while his wife spoke Chinese so communication was not a problem. The owners are very helpful and go out of their way to make sure that we have a comfortable stay. The owner is also the chef and his dishes are delicious. I recommend that you go for the Chef Special Dinner (around 3,000 yen) as it is really good. Do note that you have to place an order for the special dinner one day in advance and the kitchen is closed on Tuesdays.
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