Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka

star4.1 · flag3
place6 Chome-1-55 Uehonmachi, Tennōji-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 543-0001日本
phone+81 6-6773-1111



ホテルマンの方々がサプライズに協力してくださいました! 近畿日本ツーリストのパッケージツアーではじめて利用しました。駅からとても近く、雨の日でも濡れずに移動できる立地だったため、移動がとても楽でした。 今回は恋人とのデートで利用したのですが、プレゼントを渡すにあたり、サプライズでUSJから戻った夜、ベッドに贈り物が置いてある…、のようなことをしたかったのですが、コンシェルジュの方々がとても協力的で、無事成功しました。その際、追加料金なしでクッキーの詰め合わせも置いてくださり、とても嬉しかったです。 また、最上階のバーでは、落ち着いた暗めの照明で、夜景を楽しみながら美味しいカクテルをいただきました。 大阪に来たときには、ぜひまた利用したいホテルです。 おすすめです。

Kwek Kelvin

The fitness club manager is a paranoid in cleanliness. Expect you to wear shoe that have not been worn outdoor. Who would carry a pair of shoe and wore it indoor when traveling? Short of me saying that the whole fitness outlet personnel are like working in a semi-conductor clean room without the outfit but with an attitude. I do understand public cleanliness and hygiene ...but to the extend of being on compulsive disorder syndrome in enforcing compliance of super clean running shoe is just too much. Even a pair of well washed and dried sole with no stain would fail to admit you, citing policies. Seriously , the area manager of the Sheraton need to look into this hotel here in Osaka. It has marred the experience and deprived paying guest of the facility that has been incorporated. Further , while using the gym...especially treadmill...there bound to be perspiration and we as considerate user will clean off after use. But the attendant will just follow you and clean after you from machine to machine. Really making you feel unwelcome like a parasite. For your information, foot wear is barred in my home as well. Don't be a paranoid about our shoes that the guest wore into the gym. As long as we respect you by wearing a pair of clean shoes., we should not be denied the use of the facilities. I hope I have better update when I next return here for comment if I ever use the faculty and not encounter what I have prescribed here.

Maple Megami

近鉄上本町に隣接していて便利。 空港バスも目の前からでているし、地下で谷町9丁目にもいけます。 喫茶をよく使いますが、静かで落ち着けます。

Kin Sook

Clean, comfortable, awesome service, staff is very helpful. I wish I can afford to stay there all the time. I only took 1 picture while I was there, in the elevator when I saw our reflection off of the mirror.


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