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place3 Chome-16-19 Kumoji, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken 900-0015日本
phone+81 98-869-3058


Nijntje Tseng

牛肉 豬肉新鮮等級高 好滿足 且服務超級棒又親切 真是好店 我會再來的

Antares Chen

衝著A3以上的和牛吃到飽來的,但是令人失望。 食材一般,並不是好牛肉。海帶芽湯,大創的湯包泡的還比較好喝。 最好吃的是烤高麗菜,菜葉沾上鹹香醬汁再烤,風味很獨特。 上菜速度可以,畢竟那天只有我們一桌客人。

Chen Pearl

It's the worst ALL YOU CSN EAT restaurant I have ever been. Please re-comsider when you decidided to go there. We found the excellent comment from Taiwan's blogger and had high expectations under this price. (4980yen per person and extra 980yen for alcohol or 490yen for soft drink.) Maybe the expectations are too high and we're really disappointed. The choice is few, only 3 meats: beef, pork, chicken and vegetable served with onion and cabbage. You can only choose one kind of beef, no tongue or diaphragm. BEEF ONLY. The quality of the beef is doesn't meet our expectation. We may consider it as A3 level. The pork is tasty but 4980yens!!! The chicken isn't impress either. Besides, the crab is one-time order, but they didn't inform us in advance. 3 items are informed as one-time order, and I repeated for double confirmation. I'm pretty sure since I need to explain this to others. I take this as a cheat. The waitress is hospital but the service is bad. There is a lot of smoke and there are no other customers. They didn't attend to help us change the seat. The elder is caughed by the smoke and cannot eat. The quantity is only half of the first order when last order. We're still hungry after dinner and cooking the miso soup and instant noodles now. 對這家店的評價:極差!我個人評比為我吃過最差的燒肉吃到飽。 我們是從台灣的部落格找到這間餐廳的,可能是期待太高,所以特別失望! 選擇超!級!少!收費4980日圓,酒水另計的吃到飽燒肉店,能重複點的只有牛肉,豬肉跟雞肉三種!還不是有很多種牛肉,例如牛舌、橫膈膜、雪花牛等等,是只有“牛肉一個選項”!而且牛肉的品質只能說價量不符,肉切得很薄,油花分布也不怎麼樣,所以烤起來偏乾且肉品也不算新鮮;豬肉是培根肉,還算香跟好吃,但是4980yen的燒肉店欸!雞肉則是完全不想講的沒特點;可以續的野菜盤只有洋蔥跟高麗菜… 服務方面,服務生算是殷勤,但是整體服務品質極差!在用餐前,店家告知:泡菜,蔬菜沙拉,甜點只能續一次,因為我需要解釋給其他人聽,所以有再覆誦確認,結果在我們要續點螃蟹的時候,才告知,螃蟹也是只能點一次,這算詐欺了吧!然後,烤肉的煙熏得旁邊位置的人咳到不行,反應了以後也沒有任何改善,在沒有其他客戶的前提下,完全沒有幫我們換位置的打算。 最後加點的份量只有原本的一半,肉的部位跟肉質也是越上越差,在吃完將近台幣2000元的吃到飽後,回到民宿還要自己煮味噌湯跟泡麵。 若是沖繩一遊,有考慮這間燒肉店的,還是再三思,你的錢可以有更好的選擇!

Wei Lee


Frank JPG

可以和牛和阿古豬吃到飽的居酒屋 沖繩最愛餐廳之一

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