Kurashiki Guest House U-RIN-AN

star3.7 · flag2
place2-15 Honmachi, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-ken 710-0054日本
phone+81 86-426-1180



超有名な美味しい卵かけ御飯と聞き、楽しみにして行きました。 結果は、うーん。 650円で食べ放題という時点で推して知るべし。味ではなく観光地の思い出作りで捉えてください。 お米も卵も特別なものではありません。 あの味がお好きなら、醤油買って自分でお米を炊いて卵買って作るのがオススメです!

Splendor Jennifer Lin

It sucks!the staff doesn't even allow five of us to use the 2nd floor toilet at the first place when we just checked in. How can five ppl use one single toilet and one single shower room at first floor when four of us are in need! There is 7 ppl in total to share one single bathroom within 3 hours. And the guests could only manage to use the shower from 20:00-23:00. Even more, the staffs don't hurry anyone who had filled in the shower room order list. What the hell! It charges even higher than in Kyoto, such a renowned city. They even rent out the common space to make more money. I don't see anything good but the excellent riverside view. There are about 15 ppl in the guest house, yet they only provide 4 lockers to keep your valuables. They don't even give the door key to the guests… The security and comditions of certain common space are horrible.


주인분이 친절하고 이불도 따뜻합니다. 오래된 일본건물의 정취도 느끼고, 다른곳에서 온 여러 여행객들과 소소한 잡담을 나누고 싶다면 이곳 강추합니다. 다다미방 근대 일본가정집을 느끼실수 있고. 고타츠도 있대요. 저는 못써봤지만. 가격도 여행객에게 부담스럽지 않은가격. Good place, low price. 아침에 일어나면 공기가 차가워서 이불밖을 나가기 싫을겁니다. 그리고 오래된 건물이라 밤이되면 걷는것 조심, 씻는것 금지입니다. 주인분이 오로지 일본어만 가능합니다.




二度目の来店 先日はラスト1個のプリンだったので リベンジ(笑) とても暑い日に行きました 粋な日傘とうちわを貸してくれて 素敵です

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