Five Guys

star4.2 ·
place1-3 Long Acre, London WC2E 9LH英國
phone+44 20 7240 2057


Mathieu Ameal

I have to thank the team! One of my friend is allergic to few vegetables, so they put on a side some things for her! They really did a good job! Customer services is great, I appreciate the helpfulness of the lady at the desk (cashier). Moreover, they feature peanuts which are amazing, you don’t have to wait so much for the food but anyway the peanuts are made to wait in really good conditions! Highly recommended! Oh you should try the Fanta peach flavour one of the best drink ever!

Student Chambers

Lovely place to grab a burger, made to your satisfaction. This was my first visit to this five guys branch. A lovely location and it has a good atmosphere. The burger was lovely, but the bacon was slightly over cooked. The hot dog was tasty. Overall a great experience and good customer service. I will be back!!! 😋😋😋😋😋 #fiveguys

Andrew Courtney

Five Guys is a great place to eat - lots of drinks to choose from, good burgers with plenty of toppings and great tasting chips. Service is good even at busier times due to the fast production line they have and all at a reasonable price. Overall great food - probably one of the best fast food chains in my opinion.

Néstor Núñez

Como siempre, hamburguesas muy buenas dentro de su estilo. La calidad es mucho más alta que en cualquier cadena de comida rápida. Las patatas son más naturales y la carne está muy buena. Tienes hasta 15 cosas que añadirle a la hamburguesa por el mismo precio. La bebida te la sirves en una máquina con muchos sabores, y como curiosidad, está diseñada por pininfarina. Abierto desde las 10 de la mañana, entrando gente constantemente. El local amplio y limpio. Las chicas que nos atendieron muy amables y simpáticas, y viendo que éramos extranjeros nos hablaban vocalizando más y haciéndose entender.

Sola Thomson

Quick and yummy if you like burgers. I was with an American and she loved the chips. Always worth visiting a 5 Guys. 1 regular chips is enough for 2 people.
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