Greyhound: Bus Stop

star3.1 · flag1
place625 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018美國
phone+1 212-971-6789


Mostafizur Rahman

Very well maintained and well run bus terminal. It's part of the NY port trust bus terminal. Lots of waiting places. So good for transit in all weather. Not many food shops though, which is inconvenient. Staff is always present. Usually polite and helpful. The other inconvenient thing is that the ticket and boarding counters are on different floors.

myles lc

Kiwi view: it's functional. Not flash. Typical America actually...A lot of workers standing around, not all sure what's going on... One or two sorting it all out. Facilities are bare and a bit old. Signage is bad. Just ask people standing around. It's quite safe.

Yair Tal

Do you feel like having the worst few hours of your life today? How would it feel to be told you MUST print a paper ticket, running around like a chicken with its head cut off to find the printing machine, only to see the conductor scanning cell phone tickets at the gate? Would you enjoy doubling the length of your trip for no reason? Would it be even more amazing if you stood on line dying of thirst for an hour, never knowing when the bus will actually board? How awesome would it be seeing the 3 employees responsible for your bus with a glazed-over look in their eyes like "hey overtime is overtime"? Or telling your friends "1 hour later" every hour of your trip until they can no longer pick you up? Or arriving 2 hours late for your carefully times plans? All this and more can be available to you with EVERY GREYHOUND TICKET SOLD, EVER

Zachary Gamble

One star is too generous. I am still waiting for a bus to depart after a two hour delay. We have been given no updates on when a bus can be expected. The level of incompetence and ineptitude by the staff is staggering. One worker told the crowd of passengers that every weekend the bus schedules go right out the window and chaos ensues. Short of being punched in the stomach by a driver I cannot imagine how this could go worse. I will never use this bus service again.

Xavier Bouchard Larouche

L’autobus étais correct , propre et confortable, le chauffeur de bonne humeur. Par contre au comptoir une tout autre histoire. Très mal reçu, ils manquent d’information en cas d’incident. Vraiment médiocre comme service s la clientèle.
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