Chinatown Complex

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place335 Smith St, 新加坡 050335
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Cocktail Circus By Jean Vital

First time during my travels I can say I went to a clean Chinatown! Singapore you amazed me on this one. Really like the fact locals are not jumping on you to try to sell things you don't really need. The fruit, fish and meat market was super interesting. I really enjoy spending time in Temple Street where you can found a lot of professional and high-end Kitchenware (from pastry to bar tools). #🐕

weng meng tang

Chinatown complex consists of a wet market in the basement, a shopping area on the ground floor and a hawker center on the first floor. The rest of the building are car parking facilities. The wet market is probably the biggest in Singapore, there, you can get good quality seafood. The shopping area is mainly selling local stuffs like clothing, shoes etc. There are a couple of shops trading old coins, jade... The hawker center on the first floor is the most interesting part of Chinatown complex. Food!!! The best time to visit is Sunday morning, breakfast. Breakfast is when most of the stalls are opened. Most Singapore food is one way or the other represented here. They even have a Michelin Star chicken rice. (soy sauce chicken)

hoangdiem truong

Bạn có thể đến nơi này để thưởng thức các món ăn Trung Hoa cực ngon ở tầng 1. Nếu có dịp, bạn hãy thử món cafe ở The 1950's Coffee và món gà quay Ở Hawker Chan, nhưng phải chịu khó xếp hàng . Tầng trệt - mặt tiền đường New Bridge có Shop "My CK" . Shop này bán quần áo không đẹp lắm. Tuy nhiên, bạn hãy thử đi thang cuốn xuống tầng hầm, nơi có nhiều sự lựa chọn hơn như giày, dép, túi xách, thức uống ...

Kam Yong Fong

The complex is a combination of wet market and hawker centre. A popular place for locals because there are vast variety of fresh seafood, vegetables, chickens, pork, beef, mutton & other local fresh stuff as well as many famous food stalls selling Asian and local foods. Car park located at the top floor of the complex. It is also a popular place for tourists. Nearest MRT Station is China Town station.

Cindy 冰冰

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