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placeTerminál 2 (příletová hala), Letiště Václava Havla, Aviatická 1017/2, 16100 Praha 6
phone+420 800 777 777


David Gonzalez

Not the first time I've been burned by Vodafone. I purchased an expensive SIM card that I was told would give me data in Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Hungary. I was planning on purchasing a SIM card in each of the above listed countries but the attendant convinced me to pay the premium for the convenience. Needless to say the thing only worked in the Czech Republic. Which I left after one day. And now I'm in Austria and there are no Vodafone stores here! Essentially I paid over €100 for one day of data. They may have the best network but I find Vodafone to be sleazy.

אור לייב

Although their website (czech site) is showing a prepaid card that 200 czk they said the prices are higher now and it cost 300czk. So this store is more expensive than other Vodafones. כשהגענו הם אמרו שהמחירים עלו למרות שבאתר רשומים מחירים אחרים. הסניף הזה יותר יקר כנראה בגלל שהוא בשדה.


Very good staff. Good information for turists !

Pavel Krejsa

Dlouhá otevírací doba.

Андрій Садовник

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