evo Seattle Store

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place3500 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA
phone+1 206-973-4470


Marissa Hubbs

The staff was so helpful. I got fitted for custom insoles for my ski boots. Love them! I also got some new bindings and they mounted them quickly. I will definitely be back to get my skis waxed in the near future. The store is also in a really neat part of Fremont!

Andy Jesanis

Unparalleled customer service and friendliness. They are generous with their time and knowledge, and more than happy to talk into the nitty-gritty details with technically-minded customers. I'll be a customer for life.

Lauren Vanderlugt

I had heard Evo recently merged with Big Tree Bikes, a local mountain bike shop, so I went in to get my On One tuned up and to fix some trouble with a brake. The mechanic was shockingly rude when I dropped my bike off. When I picked the bike up a week later, a different mechanic helped me. He was nice but had no idea what sort of work had been done on my bike other than a tuneup. There were minimal notes on file for it - couldn't even tell me if the brake was bled.

Zach Fritsche

I just left Evo after waiting 25 minutes to be helped at 2 in the afternoon. They had two people helping in the snowboarding section. I was just trying to find out if they sold any hardware for bindings. I singed into the wait list to ask a question... I tried to ask the folks at the register and the employees just gave me a confusing look and said to head back upstairs. I waited another 10 minutes and tried to ask one of the snowboard brahs if they had hardware. The guy cut me off and said I needed to sign and wait my turn. Pretty much unless you're willing to pay top $$$ for overpriced gear and your intent is to buy an entire set up they won't give you the time of day. I found way more luck and a smaller local ski shop off of 99.

Alexander Griffin

If you have a lot of cash in your pocket, this is a great place to buy brand new gear from cologne wearing yuppies. The evo outlet website is a great place for snagging used or even brand new gear from last season at a discount. Make sure to haggle them if you buy from the outlet. If you email them another webpage with a lower price on the exact same item, they will beat the other price by 5%! Using this method, I got brand new moment ghost trains for about $450 from these guys 2 summers ago. This being said, when I broke the same skis from shredding too hard, I called about warranty policy and got a very uninformed and dismissive employee. I went far out of my way to drive to seattle and brought the broken skis in person, only to find the same story. They were swamped by people buying new gear and some douchebag employee offered to take my skis and said it would be 6-8 weeks before anything came from the warranty. Needless to say I did not hand this imbecile my swords. I went downstairs to borrow a screwdriver to unscrew my bindings. The dudes in the repair shop wouldnt even hand me a phillips head screwdriver, but did reluctantly take the bindings off for me when I looked at them like they were idiots. I went accross the street to a bar, emailed moment, and got a reply within 5 minutes. The moment rep mentioned that theres no reason a warranty would ever take 6-8 weeks. I have my warranty skis now, but sure as @#&k evo had NOTHING to do with that. Also watch out, people car fish all around the store. My 9 year old ski boots got stolen from my car while I was parked there. In summary: the employees here are yuppies. Go to a more local shop if you need repairs or anything ski-tech related. These guys can't cater to a true shredder cause they don't even know what it means to be one.

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