Glacier Lagoon

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Giacomo Delvai

La laguna merita molto. È lungo la strada quindi molto affollata quasi sempre ma è bellissima. Cambia in continuazione e si possono fare foto e video incredibili. Ci sono anche foche e moltissimi uccelli..imperdibile

Andreas Blaesius

Das ist ein unglaublich schöner, mystischer Ort. Als wir hier waren war es neblig und wir sind im Nebel zwischen den Eisbergen umhergefahren. Einfach toll.

Rui Santos Costa

A great place to look at the glaciar and a wonderful way to spend a few hours admiring the Icelandic landscape. Climb on o the hill to a better view. You can at times see a lot of seals around and near shore. Don't forget to cross the road and get to Diamond or Ice beach for some amazing vision of ice contrasting with black sands. Recommended!

Adrian M

Could be the coolest thing in Iceland. Its absolutely breathtaking seeing the ice bergs float around like ice cubes

Brian Hall

It's good to see the glacier icebergs, but after seeing them in 2013 I was disappointed this time. Make sure to cross over the road and stroll along the beach.
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