Lake Shikotsu

star4.3 · flag24
placeLake Shikotsu, Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan


Tao Jeff

Calm and peaceful location for those if you that prefer the zen feel rather than a beach resort. It is a place suitable for all weather and season. My favourite are Winter - although cold, but the lake is surrounded by white land covered in snow. If you come in the right time, you also get to enjoy the blue/ice festival that lights up throughout the day. Autumn - the land is covered by the red, orange and yellow flavour of the season.

Takako Asaka

calm, peaceful and pretty. I recommend you to go there when its nice weather otherwise water clarity won't be good.

hasshi Hashimoto

Water of this lake is very pure. The transparency of water of the river is extremely high. You can see the bottom of the river as if there is no water. There is a railroad bridge which was used for transporting woods. The scenery of the lake including these artifacts is attractive.

Mato Ferko

Nice day out,very scenic,nice food and you can scuba dive as well,very rel axing.pedal swan boats are expensive ¥2000/€18 for 30mins.

susan choi

the driveway to marukoma ryokan was like lake Thun in Switzerland. I would say it was the one of the best lake with a view. Not to mention, ryokan was the number 1,natural hot spring.
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