Sirromet Wines

star3.8 ·
place850-938 Mount Cotton Rd, Mount Cotton QLD 4165澳大利亚
phone+61 7 3206 2999


Roslyn Walsh

We chose the restaurant for a small family celebration - and regretted it. The service was poor at best - the staff were more interested in their own chatting than serving the patrons. Of the 6 meals ordered, one was wrong and eventually was removed. The replacement took ages to arrive (everyone else had actually finished eating before the new meal was placed on the table). Although we all ordered different steaks, they all arrived looking the same. Blackened meat swimming in what tasted like burnt sauce. Some of us also ordered dessert - another big mistake. Creme brûlée - sickly sweet and served with a dish of stewed berries - sickly sweet (no berry flavor left). I can't see any of us returning after that experience.

JJ Smith

Are you depressed? Does your life feel like a heavy weight is on you every waking hour? Do you struggle to interact with others? Are you a broody individual void of happiness or any compassion? If so, we've got the job for you at Sirromet. If you hate your life you'll fit right in here! Talk about abysmal service. I watched service staff for a solid 20 minutes as they served meals, and not once did I see a smile. At first it was a novelty and even a little amusing for us at our table, but the longer we witnessed this depressive bunch the more it became quite concerning. Even floor management looked like the owner had just told them they had to work for a month without pay. Without a shadow of a doubt this is the most miserable collection of staff I have ever seen in my entire lifetime! Think about this for a second: When was the last time you smiled at a wedding venue's staff member and they looked straight back through you like you were a ghost!?! I wonder if these people in the "Hospitality" industry know what the word Hospitality actually means.... We felt unwelcome all afternoon and evening. I'm not sure what the other guests thought, but none of our table wanted to stay. It was a soul sucking, joy draining experience and obviously a reflection of something far more depressing going on in higher management. Let's face it, when people at the top are miserable it filters down throughout the staff! There's no positive reinforcement going on at Sirromet, If you're planning to get married there I hope you reeeeeally like the location because the way Sirromet looks is the ONLY positive. There's no love in the food and there's no love or hospitality in the service. What an unfortunate venue!

Amanda Galloway

Extremely disappointed in the food, service and the toilet smell wafting over the eating area. No smiles from the server's, you certainly couldn't call them waitresses. When I sent an email suggesting improvements, the Cellar door Co-ordinator just tried to defend the food smothered in dressing and the calamari disguised as batter. I won't be spending another cent with Sirromet.

Magdalene Marx

While there is a long wait for food usually, the venue is so picturesque, it gives you a great excuse to drink lovely wine and imbibe in the stunning views. It is a popular venue so carpark is difficult to find and seating gets taken up very quickly. If seating is unavailable, bring a blanket and enjoy all the lovely spots to picnic on. I would suggest arriving earlier to avoid the queues. The playground is popular with the little kids but the lack of shade is an issue. Make sure you bring lots of sunscreen and hats for the children if you intend to use the playground. Bring old cardboard boxes for the children as the kids love cardboard sleighing down the hill. Despite all these little issues, we love going to Sirromet for the beautiful views.

Ludicrous Phil

We've been for breakfast a few times now and every time we absolutely have loved it. Excellent service and very reasonably priced. We've now had our first dining experience on Saturday evening and weren't dissappointed! The Black Angus rib eye was absolute perfection .... We did have to book months in advance for the Saturday but turned out it was well worth it.
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