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place日本〒104-0061 Tōkyō-to, Chūō-ku, Ginza, 5 Chome−7−7
phone+81 3-6255-6141


Oliver Bayley

If you are looking for relatively cheap clothes for men, women and children GU is worth checking out. Set across 5 or 6 floors and in the heart of Ginza, the shop is conveniently located near the subway and offers a wide variety of styles of clothes and footwear. If you are accompanying another shopper, there are toilets in the shop, but due to very tight space seating (or even just a place to catch your breath!) is extremely limited. Prices range from around 790 yen for a simple t-shirt to 1,500/ several thousand yen for branded items.

Rei Katori

For those that don't know, GU is like the more everyday-wear offshoot of Uniqlo. It's generally cheaper but the choices are also generally more plain. Sizes can also be quite limited, just like most Japanese clothing stores. Still, there's a lot of choices, so unless you need very tall or plus size clothing, you'll probably find something you like. For tourists, there's a tax-free counter and most of the staff seem to be able to speak enough English for you to get around. Also of note is that GU has one of those automatic counter thingies. You toss the clothes into the machine and it can tell you how much it costs and you can pay for it via that machine already using your credit card and whatnot. Pretty nifty.

Kelsey Primar

Love shopping here for the essentials! You can get packs of t-shirts, tank tops, socks, etc... for ¥500-¥1000. They also have a ton of cute sweaters, shoes, and jeans for really good prices. It's a great place to buy fashionable clothing without breaking the bank.


Il cugino meno chic di Uniqlo. Vale la pena comprare anche solo un paio di calzini per provare le Casse automatiche. Mettete ciò che avete comprato in uno scomparto e come per magia il vostro conto è pronto. 😍

Stark Snow

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