S.E.A. Aquarium

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place8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa, 新加坡 098269
phone+65 6577 8888
S.E.A. Aquarium



有成人票、老人票、儿童票可选,还可以成为会员参加丰富的活动。 S.E.A 按不同海洋区域划分展品,最震撼的是超大鱼缸,不同区域可以欣赏喂食表演。经常有科普活动教小朋友一些知识,积极参与会得到小礼物。 巨型鱼缸处有卖零食饮料的小车,可以坐在鱼缸前补充能量。宝船那边有快餐厅,销售炸鱼薯条等小吃,可以临时解决吃饭问题。 海洋馆还可以在官网提前预定毗邻水族箱的座位用餐,以及窗外是水族箱的酒店房间,十分浪漫,昂贵堪比金沙,估计我住在里面会不舍得合眼。 在官网和售票处可以卖套票,包含海洋馆、博物馆和海豚表演,圣淘沙娱乐活动很丰富,博物馆不推荐。记得参考儿童及老人的票务优惠政策,可以节省一些费用。(老人票需要ID或护照证明年龄)

Nikhil Durgani

One of top attractions in Sentosa island and Singapore overall, the SEA aquarium was a wonderful experience. You can spend 3-4 hours here and it's a good attraction for kids, families and everyone. They have a large variety of aquatic creatures. Make sure to book tickets online and you can get a discount

Kenneth Chan

$34 entry for Singaporeans. Best to buy the tickets online and head straight for the turnstiles. Arrived at around 12.30pm and left at 4.45pm. Very good exhibits, especially liked the jellyfish and sharks. Worth taking the time to explore instead of rushing through. Remember to head over to the Open Sea exhibit at 4pm to watch the feeding session where divers go around feeding the rays, sharks and other fish!

Michael Wu

Really great place! It’s not really big, but you will be surprised what you can see! Highly recommend to any kinds of people! Especially good for families and couples~! The souvenirs are so cute and adorable, btw. You can get 10% off discount if you have MasterCard.

Enrique Canto

Para mi el acuario más impresionante del mundo de los que he visto. Creo que deben estar todas las especies del planeta. Arrecife, africanos, amazonas, chinos... estaban todos. Los corales están muy bien cuidados, los pulpos son grandes, la recreación de hábitats muy conseguidas... Podría haberme pasado días contemplando todos y cada uno de los acuarios durante horas.

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