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place102 S Patrick St, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA
phone+1 703-548-4089


Florence Nightengale

I love trying out new coffee places and this one is hands down the best for early morning coffee on the way to work. Delicious quality coffee, with fast and friendly service. And I personally love the music playing in the background. Believe me quickness and accuracy of orders can be hard to find.

Stella Hanson

I REALLY wanted to like it and I am very disappointed that I didn't. I actually told the crew behind the counter that this was my first visit but still no smiles and no helpful suggestions. The coffee was okay, the baked goods were yummy, but all the reviews that said it was dirty were correct. Educate your staff, require smiles and clean. I may try it one more time.

Justin Depue

My fav coffee shop in the world thus far, seriously. Why? Cause the coffee is local and expertly roasted. RTE 66 is my favorite blend. I came here when I first lived here in 2002 and moved away but every time I came back to the DC area I went back and the coffee was always superb. Moved back this year, and was so stoked to be able to frequent Mishas again. Also, mellow, low key baristas.


The best coffe shop in Old Town Alexandria. We love this place because we live here in the Old Town and having a nice place like this make us happy. We do not like Killer because the coffe is too strong and the name of that coffe shop is very agresive. Considering the violence in the United States and others places having a place with the name is dangerous. Thank you people from Misha"s for having this nice place in our Old Town Alexandria.

Leston Ellis

Love this coffee shop. Have been visiting for the last two years, nearly every Sunday since moving to VA. Great coffee and baked goods. Great Service from each Brewista.

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