"Simon Bolivar" International Airport of Maiquetia

star3.2 · flag1
placeMaiquetía, Vargas, Venezuela
phone+58 212-3031014


Douglas Vale

If it wasn't for Chavez socialism legacy, we would have a more ultra modern airport like the one located in Singapore, which is according to some "the best airport in the world". Very risky airport, always stick with family or friends cause you don't know if you're gonna get robbed or killed by scammers. Hazardous as well with the fact that washrooms are dirty, lack of maintenance and sometimes basic needs like food and water are not available due to the economic crisis. Stay aware of your surroundings.

Marco Marrero

Be careful. It's one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Carlos Guerrero Anderson

You have to be careful , is extremely dangerous . Bathrooms dirty with no toilet paper , lots of flies all over the place , scammers all around asking you for money exchange... if you are a foreigner you should have any trustful local contact in advance to avoid any disgrace.


There are few redeeming qualities of this gateway to a miserable mess that awaits you. The folks here have been led down an awful path for too long.

Alejandro Perez

You have to be careful at the airport. Stay alert and you'll be fine.

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