Norwegian National Gallery

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placeUniversitetsgata 13, 0164 Oslo, Norway
phone+47 21 98 20 00


Chiara Irico

It's a very complete museum. The permanent part covers very well the different periods, it's very well organised and easy to follow. In the temporary part there was a Collections of masterpieces inspired to the Japanese culture. I haven't honestly seen a really connection among a lot of them. It looks like more an excuse to keep together several great artists, but a lot of the masterpieces were beautiful and I enjoyed this part too.

Kevin Hu

Excellent gallery. The upper level is presented in chronological order with each room representing a time period and/or type of art making a visit easily accessible. Each room has a short description of the art pieces. It's sufficient information without overwhelming visitors with text on the art pieces. I did like that the art pieces went back to Greek/Roman sculptures and eventually lead to the famous Edward Munch paintings and then continued onwards.

João Rodrigues

A nice little quiet museum in Oslo. I was surprised of small it is (like is it over?) and so quiet if we compare to others around the old continent..Good collection with some of the most famous painters of europe... but not their most famous artworks..including sculptors. I think it's to expensive for the offer.. But it's just me.

Rare Music Channel

Excellent museum! A lot of fine masterpieces of a couple of the best painters and sculpters! Including The Scream of Edvard Munch. But also Jan Steen, Picasso, Rodin, Jan van der Heyden, Jacob van Ruisdael, Tidemand & Gude and Sohlberg. Really glad I visited! Take your time too look at the pieces in great awe, and take your time to visit. Don't think you must rush. A couple of hours is really needed to look at it all. But if you want to take more time, a whole day can also be spend here!! No problem. They have a really large collection!

Nicolas Mielnikowicz

Lovely Gallery. Must visit if you enjoy paintings at all. Mostly focused on Munch and other Norwegian artists, it is an amazing place to visit. There's even a room set up, in which people can sit down and draw a beautiful sculpture in the center of said room, then they hang their works on the walls. Great Experience.
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