Jenny Bakery Tsim Sha Tsui

star3.6 · flag24
place24,42, 64, Mirador Mansion, Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 香港
phone+852 2311 8070


Sandy Lau




Chien Fang Chen

I don’t like to give bad review, but I believe that if you go through the queue and buy the cookies like everyone does. You would be insulted in a few ways. We went today 1 hr before open ( since we went around 11:00am yesterday and we were told sold out and to come early tomorrow). We are in first 50 people when we get there . 15 min before open ,there comes by a staff and explain that the buyer allow to buy only 2 cans of cookies and better decide what to buy in your mind and prepare the exact cash at the counter. As you figure out what are the best items to go with through those posters on the wall and prepare the exact cash in your hands. Hopefully you will get what you want . 5 min before the rolling wall open ,the staffs ask the crowd to form 4 lines of queue. All of sudden the crowd go crazy and jam like sardines, body contact and squeeze each other. Gentlemen be aware that it would be better to hide your hands in the pocket or you might be wrongly accused of groping women. Finally, you come to counter and the sale lady rudely told you what to buy due to what are available in the store. One square can and one round can , all are smaller sizes since larger can is double in quantity and 10 dollars cheaper ,simply are not in the store What you told to commit to buy and the cash in your hand , turn out useless. You have to take out wallet to match the balance . You are shouted by the saleswoman as you hesitate the sudden change and not to ask why. Any second delay would have caused loss in their business . She even charged 1dollar for a thin plastic bag and you need to dig out coins from the pocket to meet the demand. No receipt given, no returning, no warranties. Even considering that the buyer is fraudulent purposely to get money back. Assumed guilty till proven otherwise. Is there any consumer protection? More you hype, the higher their attitude are. Cookies are sugar and butter , too much of them aren’t good to your teeth and cardiovascular. Many reviews saying the cookies are really tasty. It’s your own decision, I just shared the experience I went through.


A ridiculously big queue for some cookies. Fortunately, it does go quite fast. Maybe 15 - 20 mins from the back of the queue. Nice gift and worth trying. Is it a delicious cookie? Not quite. It's fairly nice. I don't really know what all the fuss is about.

Karen Wong

Very delicious cookies in a cute tin can. The long line is brutal. The staff inside the store is nice and friendly. The lady in charge of managing the queue outside isn't the friendliest (seems a little rude to be honest), but it's understandable given the number and type of people they have to deal with every day. It was less than 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, and the picture shows what it's like to get in line 45 minutes before they open. The queue was chaotic in a old, dingy and nasty building with cockroaches running around. Got the mixed cookies in a square box. Wish they make it more environmentally friendly by using less unnecessary packaging. Inside the box is 4 layers of cookies, each layer individually packed with plastic and with plastic tray in each layer that holds 9 cookies. The cookies are super delicious, and I think I'll love it more without too much plastic.
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