kunanyi / Mount Wellington

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placeLOT 1 Pinnacle Rd, Wellington Park TAS 7054澳洲
phone+61 3 6238 2176


Tom Evans

One of my favourite places in Tassie! It might not be the most picturesque mountain to look at from the ground, although I personally love the look of it looming over the city, but the views from it more than make up for that. The whole drive up is awesome, and there are a few good places to pull in and admire the view before you reach the top. Also some nice springs, waterfalls and beautiful walking tracks around the mountain. Once you reach the summit, the views are just stunning. You can see a very long way on a clear day, and it's a fantastic place for taking photos or just enjoying the view of Hobart and its surrounding areas. Make sure that you've checked both the forecast and the current weather before you head up as it can often be quite a contrast from Hobart's weather. Expect it to be much windier and colder, even in the warmer months. Visiting the mountain with snow on it is a must do. Hobart is a pretty lucky to have snow within a twenty minute drive for much of the winter. Occasionally the road to the summit will be closed if they haven't yet had the chance to clear enough snow from the road, but if it's open the drive up looks really cool with snow on the side of the road and then the awesome view off to the side. There's also enough snow at the top or at other points up the mountain for snowball fights ;)

Bek Ess

Stunning views, well worth the trip. The scenery is so varied and shows off the area beautifully. Great place to start if visiting Hobart so you can get the lay of the land. It was a wonderful day however it was windy/freezing by the time we got to the top so make sure you rug up to take full advantage of this amazing place.

S Neill

Ordered two coffees very friendly staff and the coffee was great. Lovely way to end a good drive for local up our Mountsun. Sadly I was short changed by $10 I didn't notice until I was too far away to do anything. Rang the next day and the owner solved the issue straight away. Honesty is the best policy.

Saz Fairy

Beautiful look outs both inside and outside. Telescopes provided. Ample parking. The air is fresh and clean, above the clouds. Note that it is incredibly chilly so bring gloves etc.

Marek Buzikiewicz

Koniecznie! Z wysokości ponad 1000 m widok na całe Hobart.

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