Kansas City International Airport

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placeKansas City, MO 64153, United States
phone+1 816-243-5237


Andy St. Fort

As a person that lives in Kansas City, I can say that people over here love this airport simply for the fact that they can get in and get out in the most convenient way possible but I will say that this airport is long due for a overhaul/face-lift or something. I am not going to say this is the worst airport in the country, but I can tell you it is outdated and it s a damn shame that authorities have not done anything to change the design since 9/11 when security modifications had to be made. This airport should be the face of KC and it is since most people that travel thru it think that KC is a dump by the fact that this airport is a dump itself. Please change and I know there are going to be naysayers opposing the change but c'mon people, stop being so complacent and take pride in this city reputation by updating this airport. It does not have to be a huge airports but something people can feel good about when they have a layover. People in KC are not the only one traveling thru this airport so I would say this has become an urgent matter to redesign and update the amenities in this damn dump of an airport.

Kaleb A

I live in Kansas City, and I really don't understand why people here like our airport so much. Most airports have a single security entry point, which means that the line is fairly steady throughout most of the day, but KCI has individual entry points scattered throughout the terminals. This may sound like a good idea at first; but it really means that depending on how lucky your timing is, you'll either have no line at all, or wait in line up to 45 minutes or more in the mob arriving for a particular flight. And the worst part is that once you're behind security, there's basically nothing. They finally added little snack shops several years ago, but not all gates have them. A while back at one of the Delta gates, I found myself waiting for my flight in a big box made of bulletproof glass with no food, drink, or restrooms. Every time people talk about how great our airport is, I just shake my head in disbelief.

Bill Hanson

Easy. Security by the gate. Cool. Fast. Add PreCheck and you're in you seat waiting for the plane. Little old in the tooth, but functional. Parking across the street is a nice addon.

Leilani Hernandez

The help service people were nice and chill. Airport is pretty small but it's nice not to have to walk for miles and miles to get to my terminal. I got a quick pat down, lol, but it's fine, rather be safe than sorry. Not too many places to sit. That would be my only conplaint. Plus I want more food places :P

Anthony Haug

I travel a lot for work and as weird as MCI airport is, its one of the fastest airports to get in and out of quickly. Make sure you eat prior to going into the security lanes because its very hit and miss on food selection after you into security. Also TSA Precheck is also not always available at all areas, so plan enough time in case its not available.

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