Seinan Gakuin University

placeJapan, 〒814-8511 福岡県福岡市 早良区西新6-2-92
phone+81 92-823-3248


brian tom

i was a part of the foreign exchange program here for two years to study japanese. they have one of the best programs in fukuoka, at a really low price too. if youre looking for a language school, you might want to consider seinan. aside from that, seinan is one of few christian universities, giving students exposure to the Bible and Christianity. they have a nice museum on campus as well.

Patricia Prewitt

I enjoyed these beautiful pictures of Seinan Gakuin University and its faculty and students. I taught there as an exchange professor from Baylor University. I taught in the Department of Childhood Education during the 1982-83 term. I send warm regards to the International Office Staff and all students and faculty. It is spring now, and I miss Nishi Koen and the cherry blossoms and all of my wonderful experience there.

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