Katsura Imperial Villa

star4.5 · flag3
placeKatsuramisono, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 615-8014日本
phone+81 75-211-1215


S.H Lee

기대치가 높았던 탓일까요, 명성에 비해서는 감동적인 순간을 느끼기 어려웠습니다. 겨울이라 보수공사하고 있던 것도 한 몫하지 않았나 싶습니다. 정원의 공간 군데군데에 독창적인 아이디어들이 빛을 발하는 점은 재치있다고 생각합니다만.. 봄날이나 가을철에 한번 더 방문했을 때 좀 더 깊이있게 즐길 수 있을 것 같네요.

Conor Merriman

Amazing place. The best garden design i have seen in Japan. Absolutely worth booking a time to visit here if you are travelling in Kyoto. The walk around gives very different atmospheres in the different parts of the garden. The guide was great but he spoke just a little too loudly. Making it very hard to hear our audio guides in English, other than this small issue the trip was perfect. The history of the place is worth briefly reading up on too.


畑などが広がっていたり、尼寺があったりと皇族のためのミニチュアタウンのような感じ。 四季折々の風情を楽しむ工夫が色々と計算されていて、ガイドを聞くと感嘆するばかりでした。余裕がある人の遊びというか、楽しみ方が垣間見られて優雅さを感じずにはいられない。

Andreea-Elena Gagiu

One of the prettiest Japanese gardens. Best time to visit is in autumn when all the maple trees are red; however, in order to do so, you need to book the reservation 6 months in advance. The Villa was constructed for moon viewing so a lot of elements there are conductive to that. We visited at 3 pm on a winter day so the sun was setting slightly. The tour is in Japanese but you have to option of getting the English self-guided one.


後陽成天皇の弟・八条の宮 初代智仁(よしひと)親王により、三宅の別荘として創建されました。二代 智忠(ともただ)親王は加賀藩主 前田利常の息女富姫(ふうひめ)と結婚されて財政的な裏付けもでき、山荘の復興、増築など意欲的に取り組まれました。寛文2年(1662年)ころまでに在来の建物や庭園に巧みに調和された中書院、さらに新御殿、月波楼、松琴亭、賞花亭、笑意軒等を新増築されました。 1月17日に観覧しました。

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