Half & Half Tea House

star4.2 ·
place120 N San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91775, United States
phone+1 626-309-9387



Some of the best boba in SGV - loaded with brown sugar and honey but totally delicious and worth the risk of diabetes! This location has a few tables and a waiting area outside for those ordering to go. They offer a variety of milk drinks, milk tea, and a few other desserts. I really like the taro milk tea, they use fresh pieces of taro and maybe only a little bit of powder, but it is authentic and one of the best taro milk teas I've ever had. For something lighter the honey milk green tea is a solid choice, refreshing but sweetened by the excellent boba. Half & Half always satisfies my milk tea cravings when I'm in the area and is definitely worth any wait less than 20 minutes!

Brendan Callum

Don't care about service or occasional long wait times - they have consistently the best boba! Warm, fresh and sweet! They used to have a barley milk tea with flakes of barley which was my fav, but alas no longer. Regular milk tea is still great.

Charlie Zhong

Quintessential southern California milk tea boba shop. Usually a long wait. Cash only. The rewards card is only valid at this location, the others have their own separate card.

Shu Yang

Their milk drink with honey boba is my favorite, but I always order it with less sugar. The place is super small so it's always packed, the one in Arcadia is less crowded.

Jackson Yang

The boba is good as everyone said it is. Reasonably priced. The place is kinda small though. Really not digging the interior design. Super laaaaame. I would come back for the Boba. Probably take it to go next time.

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