Design Festa Gallery

star4.3 ·
place3-20-18 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001日本
phone+81 3-3479-1442


Katerina Skroumpelou

Crazy place in already crazy Harajuku. One of the most arty places I visited in Tokyo. It had all sorts of contemporary art exhibitions and installations. It managed to not look as pretentious as similar galleries in, say, east London, but maybe it was just me getting excited about being there. The whole building was an installation on its own, and that's what I liked the most. It is not that it featured some creations, it was all a creation on its own. A holistic type approach. Apart from the art, the place had one of the best restaurants/cafes I ever ate at while in Tokyo (and this is maybe because I am no great fan of the raw-ness of Japanese food). The food there was indeed local, but you got to cook it yourself. Yes, half of my table was a heating/frying surface. I ordered the ingredients (the food I wanted), it came to me raw, and I could fry it on my own, however much I wanted. Unique experience, I must say. You have to try it.


Free wifi available and right next to it there is a Sakura Tei okonomiyaki restaurant here ! Great place to chill !

Tom Whiteway

Just stumbled across the place whilst walking through the backstreets. Great little place full of interesting work across many disciplines. Love the quiet cafe/restaurant in the garden in the middle.

Alvin Chang

Very interesting and unique but limited.

Laurens Hartog

Sprouting out of the backstreets of Harajuku like some bargain-basement Pompidou Centre is the Design Festa Gallery. If not Tokyo's most avant-garde art space, the gallery - an offshoot of Design Festa (Japan's biggest art and design event, held twice yearly at Tokyo Big Site and attracting over 40,000 visitors) - is certainly its most fun. Inside, the art is no less eclectic, ranging from sculpture to photography to video installations. Even the toilet is plastered from floor to ceiling with artworks. Usuki Kunie, founder and director of the gallery, recalls one artist who repainted his display space every day for the duration of his showing. The gallery welcomes all comers and there's no censorship policy - whatever you want to create, they will display. Behind the gallery area is an okonomiyaki restaurant and a cafe-bar, both run by Design Festa.
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