Statue of Guan Yin

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Caleb Liu

On its own nothing tremendously special and there's nothing much here except a quick photo op but this statute nicely encapsulated the East-West mix that is Macau: it's a very unique representation of the Goddess of Mercy the flowing robes and the way her hands are positioned reminds one almost of Catholic representations of the Virgin Mary! This incongruity alone might make it worth a photo.

Jia Xian Loh

Best to go in the early morning or late afternoon for a quick visit. I think that there is nothing too special in particular, just that some photos taking for the scenery and the statue of Guan Yin.

Arden Kuhn

Like others have said, nothing much to do but a photo opportunity. Did learn that most statues face the sea whereas this one faces the land.

Remus To

Raphaël Dubois
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