star3.6 ·
place2896 Broadway, New York, NY 10025, USA
phone+1 212-662-7900


ren shi shen zhui qiu

I'll start off with the good: Amigos' appetizers (some of them, anyway, like the flautas) are big enough servings that they can act as an entree if you're not someone with a huge appetite. They also have great drinks and salsa/chips (which come free, of course). The staff is also very fairly pleasant and friendly. Now for the somewhat "bad": if you want an entree, it's pretty expensive, IMO. Luckily, as I mentioned before, there are appetizers that are cheaper and can serve as entrees instead. Furthermore, while not "bad" by any means, their food isn't anything spectacular. If you're looking to fulfill a Mexican food craving, amigos probably won't do that for you.

Liz Brown

Good price.. great upbeat staff.. location..location..location...oh n the milkshakes are the best.. peanut butter and banana..js..

Alfonso Hernandez

I had a really good experience at Deluxe restaurant. I got a chicken sandwich with melted cheese and French fries it was amazing. Our waitress Elina was very attentive all the time. I highly recommend this place.

Janine Perry

This is the best diner in the area. I usually don't like diners, but their traditional fare is of great quality. They've got tons of cool trinkets and photos that evoke 1950s America, and they always play awesome music. Skip Tom's Diner and come here instead.

Agustin Prat

Pretentious little cafe with mediocre food not worth wasting your time. There are enough good places around the area to never go here. I had to try it though. I ordered Huevos Rancheros. I got some weird concoction with omelet/scrambled eggs instead of the traditional fried eggs, mind you that nowhere in the menu does it warn you of this monstrosity. Had a couple of flour tortillas folded on top like the cook forgot to add it on the dish, and a tinny spec of sauce. A poorly executed twist that was bland. Service was OK. Not going back here.
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