The Sherlock Holmes Museum

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place221b Baker St, Marylebone, London NW1 6XE, UK
phone+44 20 7224 3688


Unzufriedener Mensch

I loved this museum. The interior is very carefully furnished with old antiques, every exhibition piece is a small gem itself (especially if you're fascinated by the Victorian Era as I am!): Original one-hundred-year-old news papers, surgery tools, drawings of animal anatomy, fireplaces with real fire. The staff is always friendly, cheerful and helpful. I waited in line for about 15 minutes, which is fine and understandable considering the size of the museum. My biggest suggestion for improvement is the price, though. As others have mentioned, 15 pounds is pretty expensive for such a small exhibition. I understand that the staff fully deserve their wages, that the antiques need to be taken care of by professionals and so on. Still, for a family to pay over 50 pounds for 30 minutes inside the house is something only few can afford. Which is a shame, because Holmes' adventures are for everyone.

Krista Strode

Great museum with so many exciting details. And notably, the most wonderful guides! Not for a second did it feel that they're telling the same story every 15 minutes, they really seemed to be interested themselves. :) Relatively pricey, but that's reasonable. As it was said in the booklet/ ticket, the museum is most interesting if you're a fan of the original Sherlock Holmes world but it has something for everyone, everything's explained well. Even if you don't know one bit about Holmes and Watson, you can admire the huge work that's put into details to recreate an imaginary world. Take in account that you'll most probably will have to wait in a queue to get in.

Maria Belen Peran Rodriguez de Vera

I absolutely love this place. I come here whenever I'm in London, since I'm a huge Sherlock fan. And if you're as well, you'll be delighted with this place. Right in the famous location, the staff wear period costumes and are always incredibly nice and lovely. The museum itself is wonderful, with many beautiful things and great prices as well. You can buy really cheap stuff or buy a Sherlock or John hat for £30, or pipes or anything, really. They also have a great variety of special editions of the book, and many BBC Sherlock stuff. I seriously love it, I always end up buying something. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone, even if you're not a fan but just want to have a look around.

Polina Tersh

I think that it's an amazing place for you to visit, even if you don't really like Sherlock Holmes. You can see how people lived back then. But for those who like him there's also a shop next to the museum, where you can find many interesting things to buy. Also, you have to PAY for it, price for adults is 15£, children(untill 15 years) - 10£(not sure about that). Anyway, I loved it, I think it's an amazing and very interesting place to visit!

Pejhman Keshvardoust

I can't believed I queued up for over 45 minutes and paid 15 pounds for this. A tiny apartment decorated in the style of Victorian-era Holmes, with too many people allowed in at once for you to actually explore anything. Then you go upstairs and they have wax figures. They speak about Holmes like he was a real person who lived there. I thought it would have been a museum relating to the characters, the author and the actors involved over time, and the effect on the world. Nope, just people in dress up in a cramped London flat. I seriously can't believe we travelled out to here, paid money and then stood in a line. We are sitting on a bus now re-evaluating the life choices we have made that led to this decision. The money spent on tickets could have been used to purchase chunks of lead to be thrown forcefully from a rooftop at unsuspecting orphans and still have been better spent than going to this exhibit.
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