Sinchon Station

star3.5 · flag3
placeSinchon-dong, Seoul, South Korea


Bong Kim

The station is large and spacious. Watch the train schedule. If you miss the train you could wait up to over an hour for the next train. The train platform is very windy. In the summer months it is a blessing, in the winter months......... just wait upstairs until the train is about to come. Not many people use this station so it isn't crowded.

Michel Lam

Check your sub arrival time before entering the gate and onto the platform. In winter, the platform is like a large wind catcher. It is extra freezing waiting at the platform. Better to wait at the station entrance (indoor with seats) than the open air at the platform. It is extra freezing!

James Amrein

I once got stranded here by taking the wrong train out of Seoul Station. Trains don't stop often at the station unfortunately.

Seungmin Jeon

서울~가좌 사이의 선로 용량이 포화상태인 관계로 만약 여러분이 열차를 30분동안 열차풍과 도착 안내음에 시달릴 것입니다. 여름이나 겨울에는 열차 오기 전까지 2층 대합실에 있다가 열차가 오면 내려가는 것을 추천합니다.


신촌역 주위에 생활이 편리한 세브란스병원과 영화관, 음식점이 많은 장소~!!! (*^^*)/
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