Karuizawa Shiraito Falls

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placeNagakura, 軽井沢町 Karuizawa, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture 389-0111日本
phone+81 267-45-8111
Karuizawa Shiraito Falls


Mel A

During winter it looks like a bit of an eerie type of waterfall as there's not much water coming down but you can still enjoy the rush of the water as you walk up the path towards the falls. It's still an interesting type of waterfall as it's very wide although it's not tall it's still pretty cool to have a look at. There's a large parking area although it does cost 400 Yen to enter this road. There are some shops where you can buy some souvenirs and also some places to get some food during the winter I noticed that there was not many shops open. There is also a interesting icicle type exhibit if you walk a bit further down the road. There is also a public restroom if you require it


12月後半に訪問。黄色の落ち葉と白糸の滝と少しの緑が、青空と白い雪に映えていて綺麗でした。川もないのに岩肌から大量の水が流れ出ていることがすごく不思議でした。 土曜日でしたが駐車場も空きありで、観光客も30人位でした。 売店の野沢菜おやきを食べ歩きながら、滝まで向かいましたが、食べ終わる前に着いちゃうくらいすぐでしたよ。 駐車場から滝まで緩やかな坂でしたが、雪が残っていて凍っていて、下りは危険でした。この季節は注意が必要だと思います。 売店と反対方向に、人工的に樹氷みたいなものがありました。

fee ling

很漂亮四處都是雪, 瀑布範圍很廣 ,但是路面濕滑行走是要小心 ,是個拍照的好景點。

nakamura tetsuya


Jeef Chandra

This area is a must see for tourists coming to the Karuizawa area. There's something so peaceful about the falls. Great photo spot as well. Don't miss out! *There is plenty of parking here and shops to buy food*

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