Commonwealth Bank George St Sydney Branch

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place546 George St, Sydney NSW 2000澳大利亚
phone+61 2 9931 2555


Bronwen Evans

I am appalled that CommBank is still funding fossil fuels. Last year CommBank was Australia's largest fossil fuel funder. If CommBank cared about the future of the world it would stop funding fossils fuels now.

Bruno Renkin

I'm concerned that Commbank is the bigest funder of fossil fuel in Australia in 2016. If Commbank is really caring about the future of Australia and the rest of the world, it should stop funding coal right now.

Christina Roger

Been a customer over a year but will happily take my business elsewhere if CommBank's Board keeps approving investments in polluting coal projects. Like last year's $3.9Billion in fossil fuels. Shame on you. And poor business management decision making.

Zlatko Janeski

Received an amazing service in this branch, BIG THANKS to Kat. She has some outstanding customer service skills, answered all of our inquiries and gave us a follow up phone call and an email.I went there 2 weeks later and she welcomed me with a smile and was happy to assist again.It' s really great for the bank to have an employee like Kat. Thanks

Sophie McCartney

Commonwealth is disgusting for investing billions in fossil fuels. Many people are concerned for the environment, and unless they would like to lose many customers, they should stop funding NOW. I'm extremely disappointed and shall be spreading word of their destructive and insensitive acts.
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