Wulai Falls

star4.2 · flag7
place233, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Wulai District, 瀑布路16號
phone+886 2 2661 6942


Frank Gibson

The main fall is good and all the tourists go there (some good restaurants around), but honestly... there are better looking (although smaller) falls not very far from the main drag. If you take the cable car to the top of the fall, nature is stunning, but the facilities are a little run down. They were busy with some work last time I was up there, so this might have improved.

David Fairbank

Usually don't care for waterfalls but this one was quite a beautiful multilayer cascade. The churning whitewater main river that crosses perpendicular beneath is also uniquely stunning as it flowing through the black metamorphic rock boulders. Mini tram ride up was fun and inexpensive. The little town area by the waterfall charming and not too crowded.

Bob Lim

Very beautiful falls with lots of spots for good shots. Interesting train ride for the kids, cable car that goes to the top . Local indigenous eateries on a picturesque street facing the falls. The one we went had a very friendly boss who let us sample his specialities before ordering . Near the spa area. Highly recommended.

Melissa Kuo

Lots of fun! Take the bus from Taipei and walk the rest of the way. Eat all the street food, take the gondola up the mountain and enjoy the beauty!

yiting hsu

Absolutely breathtaking views on the walk up. It doesn't even take that long, around 20 minutes. A good getaway not far from the city for some fresh air, also to learn about atayal indigenous tribe culture

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