Huka Falls

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place新西蘭懷卡托邮政编码: 3377


John Mason

Best place to view the rapids then crossing the footbridge to view the falls 3mins further. Can the rapids and falls be shot? The short answer is yes. However it is accomplished only by the fully skilled in special kayak!!!!!!!! I believe that the water flows also need to be understood as well.

Darren Kinsman

Breathtaking view... Not sure that it is a waterfall though 😀. The sheer power of the water flow through though... Wow!


Power of the nature.. Amazing falls. You Must see it

Vaibhav Bhave

It reminds me of the rapids at Niagara falls. Huka falls is a MUST see destination. The toilets at the falls site are pay per use.

Manan Mehta

Amazing. The white rapids and pristine blue color pair together making this a picture perfect waterfall
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