Stockholm Central Station

star3.6 · flag4
placeCentralplan 15, 111 20 Stockholm, 瑞典


Viktor Lindqvist

The proud central station of Stockholm. Always under repair and remodeling. You need to go here at least every other year to keep up with the changes. This help it stay an efficient transportation hub. Nowadays almost all traces of station history has been remodeled away. Question : Why would you ever have a structure that guides people to walk left-hand side?! Sweden now has more than 50 years of right-hand traffic. The central station of the capital guides people left.

Daniil Prodanov

Nice place with good wifi for free

Kalle Wahlstedt

Fin byggnad och bra utbud. Behöver sällan vara tråkigt att vänta. Bra högtalare för utrio

Roberto Cortese

Efficiency at its best!

Niklas Börsting

De känns alltid så stökigt på centralen.
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