Pink's Hot Dogs

star3.7 ·
placeCalifornia Marketplace, Knott's Berry Farm, 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620美國
phone+1 714-220-5200


Jake Boley

Decent quality hot dogs with all kinds of bizarre toppings? What's not to like? Personally I stick to the chili dog, which Pink's does well. This location is also way less hassle than the Hollywood one, so that's nice too. Well, I say that, but I should qualify - there isn't as crazy a wait as in Hollywood, and there's more seating, but unless you happen to be going to Knott's (which I rarely am doing), this is probably more trouble than it is worth, since parking isn't very convenient. This is especially true given that Portillo's is doing less exotic, but very good, hot dogs just down La Palma from here. But if you *are* at Knott's for some reason, then this is a good place to eat.

Neil Howell

Cost per person will range quite a bit, as dogs range from about $5 to about $12...if I remember correctly. They have a varyied range of options for what to have on your dog. The food is good and well portioned. An order of fries are quite large, consider sharing unless you are very hungry....hey, you could always order another batch to share, and they will be hot when you finish the first batch. They have an interesting menu, but you can order what you want. Mild polish dogs are VERY mild, but had a good flavor.

Chris Nash

If you like hot dogs, then Pinks is your mecca. Its nothing fancy, and doesnt claim to be. Its a hot dog: get over it and go get one!

Dusty Sparrow

If you haver never had Pink's hot dogs you haven't lived. Sure it's not something you should eat every day and a hot dog with bacon is a bit blasphemous, but that doesn't take away from how good this place is. My first time visiting was a bit hectic but overall they have great food so it's worth standing in line for.

chris a

Fries were good dogs polish and my chicks dog were undercooked they taste like their still raw. Basically same price as hollyhood but not worth it.would rather wait an hr and a half for a good meal
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