Ice Monster

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placeNo. 297, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
phone+886 2 8771 3263


Joy Yu

It costs more than regular shaved ice places in Taipei but well worth it. It has flavoured shaved ice, flavourful toppings, and flavoured ice cream. What more can you want? Each item can be split between two or three people. There is a minimum cost each person must spend but it is easy to reach the minimum. My husband and I go here at least a few times when we visit Taipei.

Phil Ye

Recommended by a new local friend to have after dinner dessert. I ordered the original mango flavor, and the friend ordered almond flavored. OMG, other than the mountainous size, the mango flavor was so sharp. I tried the almond one, it's even better and less sweet. A must go place to hang out with family and friends.

Nobuo Sato

This is one of the most famous place for Taiwanese style shaved-ice sweets. That's why you can see lots of foreigners (including many Japanese) in the cafeteria. The one I chose was the original mango ice with a scoop of milk pudding on its side. One of the most remarkable point is that it has several layers of different sorts of ice: The innermost one contains some brown sugar and the other is a frozen milk. These layers make the taste more delicate and so better its reputation.

Dan Hwang

Reminds me of eating a really flavourful sorbet with fresh fruit. Nice consistency. Intense flavours.

Jade Tsai

My order: mango ice & red bean milky ice 1. Quite often in a long line 2. Shaved ice with fruit is a better choice. Their items are pretty sweet. 3. A single item could be shared by 2-3 people
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