Pay-Less Supermarkets

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placeOcean Pacific Plaza, 291 30A, Tamuning, 96911關島
phone+1 671-646-9301


kaduyo nishikawa

ローカルなスーパーです。 品揃えもそこそこあり、地元のお土産も少しあります。 スパムは安いし、色んな種類があるのでおすすめです。 買ったものを紙袋に入れられるので、濡れたものや缶類を沢山買うならエコバッグを持っていくことをおすすめします。

Don M

Payless is the cleanest, most well organized and well-stocked grocery stores anywhere on the island. You can find almost anything at Payless, but the convenience comes at a price. It's not the cheapest place to shop for groceries but chances are you'll find whatever you need - and that's why I do a majority of my grocery shopping here. The veggies and fruits are the freshest on island, short of going to the flea market or road-side stands, and the meat & poultry section is also well-stocked with an assortment of beef, chicken, pork, fish and assorted sea food to select from.


쉐라톤호텔에서 아주 가깝다. 케이마트보다 작지만 복잡하지않고 딱 필요한 물품들이 전시되어있다. 과일 종류가 많고 싸다.

Chung-Hui Kim

식료품 위주로 어-엄청 추우니 걸칠거 가져가세요. 한국 음식 김치나 라면 같은것도 많이 있으니 좋습니다.


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