Lady M

star4.1 · flag3
placeG/F, 1-3 Cleveland St, Causeway Bay, 香港
phone+852 2861 1866


Amanda Lu

小排隊一下⋯⋯ 兩人點了四片蛋糕真的太多了⋯⋯

Napat Khoosuwan

I missed the chance to try Lady M crepe cake when I visited NYC. So, I was so happy to find out that they had a branch in Cause Way Bay. The seats were full when we arrived. So, we decided to take out. The cakes were well packed with paper cushion to hold the cake inside the box.preventing them from collapse. The caramel crepe cake was so soft and the caramel was perfectly bitter-sweet. Mont Blanc was also very delicious and not overly sweet. I will definitely visit Lady M again to try other menus.

Eddie Liu

I went there around 8pm, and almost all cakes are sold out except a few choices left. I ordered rose and mocha flavor cake, which are pretty good. The decoration is fancy and clean. They have a set for two cakes and two drinks, which is much more cost effective. But when there are very few choices of cake left, they should provide more flexibility on choosing the cake for set. And they should fill up the water more frequently.

Yumi S

香港の友達に薦められたので行ってみたが、ケーキ1個の価格がめちゃくちゃ高い。ミルフィーユはまあまあ美味しいけど、1個を食べきるのが辛いほど生クリームと甘さが胃にきて、ちょっぴり胃痛が・・・ コーヒーはアメリカンコーヒーを頼むと、温めた牛乳が付きます、アメリカンじゃなくて濃いめのカプチーノみたいなコーヒーが出ます。ランチより高いケーキ+飲み物で、ふたりで3000円軽く超え。物価の高い香港だから仕方ないが、旅行に来てまで食べる特別なミルフィーユでもないかなー?日本でも美味いケーキはいくらでもあるし。 ミルフィーユの発祥は元々は日本で、それを真似したニューヨーカーがNYにお店を出し、そして香港へ出店らしいです。


The cake.. is very good... want some more. But disapointed because for the second time still have to wait for the Q
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