Whitehall Terminal

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place4 Whitehall St, New York, NY 10004美國
phone+1 212-639-9675


Victor Turcanu

This is a must do ride if you're in NYC for a few days and want to have some good memories for years. The terminal was clean and even one gentleman was playing live relaxing guitar music. It was a pleasant and memorable trip for me. The view of Manhattan from the water is unforgettable. Recommended.

Amy Zhao

在R车的South Ferry下次,就是court street下一个站。跟着人流走向Whitehall terminal的建筑物。在大厅里等就可以了,没有安检,不收任何费用,不要着急没地方坐,船超大。一进去就要往边右边走,走到船舱外去看风景。 到了斯丹顿岛的那边,你可以选择到另一边坐船回来,也可以选择坐巴士到岛上的mall去shopping,或者坐51号巴士去海边玩。面对布鲁克林这边的海边,建设非常漂亮。海边也保持一定的天然状态。

E. B. M.

If you've ever wanted to wade through a pile of last night's drunks and tweakers to get to Staten Island, New York's butthole, then this is the place to do it. I kid. (mostly). The ferry is a pretty dependable, steady ride to Richmond County (and back! Don't forget getting back). It's had its weird moments (see: ferry crashes), but it tends to be quite beautiful and cool on the water on a hot summer day, so there are worse ways to travel.

Scott Standish-Parkin

Way better than it used to be, plus you get a free ferry ride which you can't beat. You also get to see some nice views of the statue of liberty at night.

Devis Montroni

Ottimo servizio. Non ho dovuto aspettare più che una decina di minuti fra un traghetto e l'altro. Dal traghetto si ha una buona vista della statua delle libertà e di manhattan in generale.

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