Sukiyaki Ichiban壽喜燒

star3.5 · flag1
place日本〒542-0073 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Chūō-ku, Nipponbashi, 1 Chome−4−16, オーガストビル 1F
phone+81 6-6212-0800


Tony Tran

My wife and I went here last night. We only speak English. The service and food was amazing and the wait staff service was phenomenal. The waitress was very understanding and explained everything to us in English and was super helpful. We nearly didn't go due to the other misleading reviews. Would definitely go back to this restaurant as everything was top quality and price was very reasonable.

Alpha Anderson

最初の日にレストランに行き、席がなく拒否されたので、テーブルを待つことさえできなかったので、翌日のテーブルを予約しました。だから2日目には、アラカルトメニューから注文することは許されず、すき焼きビュッフェを食べることを余儀なくされた。我々はビュッフェのために安い肉ではなく高品質の肉を注文したかった。肉の品質が悪い、選択が貧しい、値が悪い、スタッフサービスが貧しいです。私はかつて大阪で一番好きだったこのレストランに戻ることはありません。 We went to the restaurant on the first day, and were rejected because there was no seat left, and we were not even allowed to wait for a table, so we booked a table for he following day. So when we get there the 2nd day, we were not allowed to order from the a la cart menu, and forced to have the sukiyaki buffet, which we don't want. we wanted to order high quality meat not cheap meat for buffet. the meat quality is poor, selection is poor, value is poor, staff service is poor. I will never return to this restaurant which was once my favourite in Osaka.

Min Seok Goo

자리 뻔히 있는데 없다고하던데 ㅋㅋㅋ 얼탱이 없어서 참. 그냥 가게 밖에다가 한국인 안받는다고 하던가. 기껏 유명하다 해서 애써 찾아갔는데 머? 기다려도 되냐그러니 두시간 더해서 그때쯤 될거같다고? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ서빙하시던 분 한국 사람같던데 표정에 니네 받기 싫다라고 써있었음. 내가 살다가 음식점 리뷰는 첨써보네

I-Hua Wu

是一個會毀了旅遊心情及破壞整個旅程的老鼠屎餐廳。 如果不會說英文可以直接說不接待,明明很多位置卻說沒位置了,我們問說那我們等要等多久,他去問了很久才說:「要等到晚上11:00」那時也才9:15! 不接待不說日文的真的直接說還能讓人接受,但卻故意說沒有位置或是故意說要等到11點的心態不知道是什麼?完全毀了日本人的形象,也毀了我們出遊的心情。 加上看了其他的評論之後,更認為他們絕對是故意的!千萬不要去,並且誠心的希望他們會不斷的接受到相同的對待,無論哪裏。

Eric Wang

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