Din Tai Fung

star4.3 · flag1
placeSilvercord, 30 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
phone+852 2730 6928


Chris Gibbs

Excellent dim sum, very quick and efficient service with good staff members. The method of ordering isn't clear at first but it's very simple once you figure it out, simply tick the dim sum options you want in the first column and if you decide you want more, you can order more in the second column. The food it self is incredibly good, delivered quickly and hot to the table. The tea is very nice as well. Don't let the location fool you, it might not look amazing being in a shopping centre but it is well worth the visit.

Eugene Lipsky

Excellent soup dumplings as is the case with all Din Tai Fung. This particular location had the best service of any Din Tai Fung I've been to. I'm talking about having your water/beer glass refilled every time it is getting low. Something you expect but don't always get at high end steak houses.

So Yie Lam

If you are looking for good food, just try this restaurant! Easy to order, quick table service and oh my good food heaven it was! Especially Xiao long bao. Almost good like in Shanghai! One of my favourite places in HK.

Steve Hicks

After hearing about this restaurant from a friend who visited the Sydney location I was curious to try it, especially as it is a Michelin star restaurant. From the outside it looks like a pretty average restaurant, nothing too fancy although you can tell from the long lineup that it's not just your run of the mill Shanghainese restaurant. The menu has a pretty solid selection of foods without being too overwhelming. Everything is categorized very well so making one or two selections in each category is quite easy. The portions are pretty similar to what I've seen at most other similar restaurants. The staff was very attentive and quickly topped up our tea and water and was readily available when we wanted to order. Now for the food, the glorious, delectable food. We ordered about 7 dishes for the four of us which I feel was a good amount. The soup dumplings (siu long bao) were very flavourful and not too salty. The peanut noodles were a little spicy but the noodles were firm and not soggy and the flavour wasn't killed by the spice. One of the staff even came around to make sure we stirred the noodles otherwise they will stick together. Pretty much every dish we had was on point, nothing disappointed us or left us unsatisfied. I'm glad I got to try this place while I was in Hong Kong, I only wish they would open one in Vancouver as I know it would do very well!

Isabelle Desgranges

Not to be missed! Superb dumplings of all types, including fantastic Xiao Long Bao!

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