Hakone Gora Park

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place日本〒250-0408 Kanagawa-ken, Ashigarashimo-gun, Hakone-machi, 箱根町Gōra, 1300
phone+81 460-82-2825
Hakone Gora Park



フランス式庭園で大正3年(1914)開園。 約七千坪の広さがあり、噴水を中心として左右対称に整然と作られる。 園内には熱帯植物園、ハーブ館、ブーゲンビレア館等の植物園の他白雲洞茶園があります。 大正時代初め、三井財閥確立した益田孝が建てたもので有料で抹茶を頂くことができます。 平成13年(2001)国有形文化財に。 こちらは基本階段がある施設なので年配のかたは移動が大変かもしれません。

rohit manchanda

We visited this place on a rainy day with our Hakone Day pass. Entry is free if you have the day pass with you. With all the clouds around us, the park had looked very mysterious and beautiful, hiding its secrets and intriguing us enough to explore it. As we walked through the clouds it was interesting to spot the differences between the Zen gardens we had been seeing on our trip and the French Garden in front of us. Gora Park has a beautiful craft shop and two restaurants for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The Craft House has a huge collection of beads strings and other materials to make bracelets, necklace etc and it is fun for adults too. Isshikidousarou the sandwich restaurant served us the most amazing sandwiches I've ever had. With its classy ambience, I would not be surprised if they ever played Jazz live with a full house. Even the beverages are crisp and very refreshing. Sandwich in your hand and the view of the park through large windows is just out of this world. The other restaurant is more traditional and is a great option if you want a heavier meal. It is right next to the main fountain in the middle of the park. It is a great stop with children and I would recommend it for all weathers. Cheers to many more adventures



s a



強羅公園に来るなら、隣にある翠光館ですよ! 1100円で源泉掛け流しの温泉に入れて、強羅公園の入園料は無料です。つまり、550円の入園料が含まれていると考えれば、お風呂は550円で入れるということです。こんなところ、他にはありません。勿論駐車場も無料ですから。絶対穴場、おすすめです。フロントの対応はいたって普通。電話の応対も昼間だとバイトなのか、かなり残念。でも、それを差し引いても強羅公園に来るならお風呂とセットがおすすめです。

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