Stolovaya №57

star4.2 · flag1
placeRed Square, 3, ГУМ, Moskva, 俄羅斯109012
phone+7 495 620-31-29


Roman Ryzhkov

Когда из столовой делают подобие ресторана! Овощная котлета 150 рублей! Цена данному полуфабрикату 60 руб в обычных заведениях. Заломили цены за последние 5 лет. Будучи студентом ходил сюда. Решил зайти сейчас и огорчился.

Nikita Bezrukov

This cafe brings you eating experience of Russian workers ('stolovaya' means 'dining hall'). Food is excellent with mostly Russian dishes including Russian beer, deserts and fountain drinks. A small carousel for the little ones (when you buy a token for 50 rubles, you get a free chocolate)

Michael Hofer

This is an old soviet style self-service canteen in the most luxurious shopping mall of Moscow. Just this contrast alone makes it worth a visit. Grab your tray and serve yourself some of 20+ Russian specialties and pay at the counter. The food is very cheap therefore don't expect highest quality but everything tastes good. We had borsch, beef with mushroom cutlet, salmon & caviar with cream cheese and boiled egg. My favorite was the eggplant with cream cheese and garlic. Would definitely come back for a snack next time.

Michela Sperindè

Buon del Service ubicato all'interno del centro commercial GUM: non fatevi spaventare dalla coda, perché si smaltisce in fretta. Prezzi più che abbordabili per una qualità del cibo superiore a quella della media dei self service. I

Andrew Dubskii

Одна из самых вкусных столовых, в которой мне приходилось есть! Это место меня постоянно выручало, пока я пребывал в Москве. Несмотря на большие очереди по вечерам, еда стоит ожидания! Очень вкусно и сытно, в самом центре города и невысокие цены. Спасибо!
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