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placeSeljalandsfoss, 冰島



瀑布旁邊也掛了道漂亮的彩虹。 出乎意料,這個的瀑布的遊客沒有史可加瀑布那麼多,可能因為周圍沒有酒店和餐廳吧。 這條彩虹有點兒「蠱惑」,有些角度完全看不見,但在某個角度甚至可以看見兩條彩虹,陽光原來也是一個魔術師。 這個瀑布跟之前參觀的幾個瀑布不同,遊客可以走到瀑布後(下)面,同大自然作親密接觸。 瀑布水量充沛,走近時無可避免會被水濺濕身體,所以一定要穿雨衣。瀑布下面的山洞因為沒有陽光照耀,加上水氣,感覺非常涼爽。 老實講,在瀑布下面拍出來的照片遠沒有從正面拍攝那麼漂亮,進去純粹是為了貪好玩。 不過要提一提大家,路面濕滑難行,走的時候要小心。 塞里雅蘭瀑布附近還有幾個小瀑布,粗眉仔當然也有過去睇睇,但都沒有什麼特別,可以不理。 可能水源充足,瀑布周圍有很多花花草草,一幅生機勃勃的圖畫。 比起之前參觀的幾個瀑布,這個瀑布的規模小得多,也許這個瀑布最特別的地方,是可以走到瀑布下邊吧……

Arndale Sane

Really fun, waterproofs essential, do make the time to walk to the other waterfall a little way up the path on the left. When there go through the cave, be careful with your footing. Pay and display car park takes cards only.


a great experience, being able to walk behind the waterfall. Lots of great photo opportunities. There is a pay and display car park, but also free toilets and a kiosk to purchase a hot drink after getting wet in the waterfall. remember to wear suitable, waterproof clothing.

Lydia Dixon

Beautiful waterfall but full of tourists by the coachload. This was the only place in Iceland outside of the city that we were charged for parking. It's worth walking down the path to the other smaller waterfalls as they are also interesting and less populated.

Kevin McCarter-Larkin

MAJESTIC WATERFALL!! Truly a site to see. It's not a far walk from the parking lot, (Maybe a half mile) but it's truly a site to see. I would recommend bringing waterproof clothing or a poncho just it gets very wet. They have restrooms, and a small cafe that serves coffee and big sandwiches.
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