Manneken Pis

star3.8 · flag5
place1000 Brussels, Belgium


April H

It’s so crazy from all the pictures you’ll see before going to see him, you’ll think that he’s this large statue of a little kid. Then you will get there and see a lot of tourists and be looking to see where the statue is. He’s SO small! I actually was happy he was because it makes the statue very cute. They also always have him dressed up which is adorable. I’m so happy we went to see him even if it was a little statue with a lot of tourists.

Narayan Paga

Very interesting place to visit.Interesting history. When I visited there were lot of tourists from all over the world. The nearby street offers plenty of chocolates n other interesting eatables. Must visit n must photo opportunity. Don't miss!

Peak Ness

Many people think it maybe underwhelming to see how small the statue actually is but I adore the little guy. The area can get silly crowded. You might even walk pass it while avoiding all the foot traffic. It's still is an important part of all things in this area. Take home the memory and a picture, so you can join in on the conversation.

Taco Bakker

This place is everything that Brussels stands for. Cosy streets, bars, chocolate shops and old statues. The statue is actually quite small, but it is all about reputation. A lot of people come here to have a look. So take your picture and enjoy.

atan two

This is a symbol of the city of Brussels. All my respect for an historical place that must be visited. However, if I have to compare to a Colosseum or another breathtaking important historical place, I can't give more than 3 stars, not 2 due to his cultural importance. The first time I've seen it, I was expecting a bigger shape, but I can understand the excitement of dressing him in different ways based on the celebrated events. It's not far from the Grand Place, hence you may want to show him to your guests passing from the crowded Grand Place first as round cultural trip. Lot of art nouveau place nearby.
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