The Galleria

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place5085 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77056, United States
phone+1 713-966-3500


Shahzad Khalid

My best friend Rashid Sana Ch his wife Alliya Rashid me and my family had a worst experience at ice skating in Galleria mall Houston...he had a fall while skating got 4 stitches on his hand ....worst part is that there were no person to give first aid to him till EMT came in ....they even don't have first aid kits or wound cleaning material in the room where he was taken to be given first aid and that room was clearly marked as first aid room ......i am suggesting the mall administration to close that place to save life of thoes who don't know what is going to happen to them if they fell and get some life threatening wounds which my friend got.....

Scott Golat

if you dont feel like valet parking you can compare your ride to the exotics sitting in front of the cheescake factory. warning, rental cars will likely not make you feel good about yourself at that time.

Joe Wong

I think it is ridiculous and obscene that the Galleria has raised handicapped parking to such extortionate levels. It was bad enough I had to put up with the roving hoards of “activists” hassling me when I was doing Christmas shopping, but to now pay exorbitant rates for the privilege is asking too much. Thank heaven for Amazon!

Marie Tillman

The Galleria Mall is not as nice as it use to be...Flooring does not match.One end of the mall is completely different.This place use to be so nice,It needs to get out of the 80/90s and upgrade with wood floors and different textures and surfaces.It did not make me want to shop- Just get what i needed to get and leave.

Adan Martinez

Th hunting in my car and the kids for me la yup and yt? Yu7 hhhgugtudtrt a t I have been
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