St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

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place425 Basin St, New Orleans, LA 70112, USA
phone+1 504-596-3050


Cryssy Gambrill

It was awesome, Jennifer is an ace guide. I was just telling my daughter I didn't want just any guide and we got her. She was alive, and real! We had fun exploring the graves. She made the whole excursion worth it! I would suggest this tour to anyone, it's great. But ask for Jennifer! And it's wheelchair friendly, she had a lot of outgoing concern for me, and made sure I was always ok!

Alli Dowling

I got to stop by this cemetery as a part of a mule carriage tour (on Royal Carriage Tours) and it was great! Our tour guide Jonathan was super knowledgeable and sweet. Seeing Marie Laveau's purported tomb was a highlight for me! Superstition says that if you draw 3 X's on the tomb, spin around three times and leave an offering, your wish will come true!

Jasmine McGowan

Used to love coming here when visiting family. Then they started charging $20 a PERSON! Forget that, there are plenty of other beautiful FREE cemeteries


Extremely disappointed that the Catholic Church is now charging $20 to go through a cemetery. I understand that the graves were beginning to be vandalized but if 100 people come through that’s $2,000 a day and that’s ridiculous.

Jacklyn Kinsler

$20 seemed like a steep price but we were promised historical and cultural information. NOPE. Tour guide rambled on in front of Nic Cage’s grave for 10 min. Talked more about Nic Cage than anything actually IN the cemetery. No history or factual information whatsoever. So disappointed. DO NOT PAY for this tour.
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